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A HUMOR blog of absolutely no importance

Simplyamusing humor blog

Simply Amusing is Susan’s humor blog about absolutely nothing important. It is based on her silver award winning newsletter that she wrote for over twelve years. Susan’s humor is intelligent yet witty. Her quirky style really seems to make people smile, and many of her writings are infused with an underlying message that ends up making you think.

Did you know that you can’t smile and be sad at the same time?

smile with susan sherbert


A book about having more FUN

Grown-ups don't skip by susan sherbertGrown-ups cover frontIf your life is all work and no play and if you want fun, joy, and wow back into your life, then this is the place for you. Susan’s book Grown-ups Don’t Skip – a guide to rediscovering the FUN of youth provides the necessary tools to change your thinking, encourage new habits, and bring back the spark of imagination and creativity. You will learn to see the possibilities, overcome the obstacles and discover the giggles that will lead to your dreams.

Let Susan Sherbert be your guide on a journey back to your imagination and beyond!

smile with susan sherbert


CORNY JOKE books on Amazon

Original corny jokes by Susan Sherbert

Corny joke books by susan sherbertWhat is the fastest way to become a vegetarian? Quit cold turkey. Susan writes original corny jokes and has over 50 different joke book topics to choose from. They range from business to pets, sports to babies, menopause to quilts. There is humor on almost any subject you can think of, but you have been warned – the jokes are very corny.

Don’t miss our money-saving Corny Joke Book Bundles!

smile with susan sherbert


Humor on all kinds of STUFF

SimplyAmus STUFF logofunny and interesting horse related gifts

unsusal math giftsSMILE! We have taken Susan’s humor and put it on some really fun stuff. There are horse shoe flip flops, an Algae-bra T-shirt, a wine stopper drinking glass and so much more. There are whole pages of horse realted humor including baseball caps and really cute baby bibs. If you like wine there is a section for wine lovers. Or how about a bunch of humor gifts for the quilter in your life. And of course we couldn’t forget the business world so we included a lot of finance and money humor with some very funny bumper stickers. Funny math stuff has is here and we even have funny license plate frames. Oh and did we mention all of the fun holiday stuff. Humor items for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Simply fun stuff.

funny life quotes about money and finance

Bumper Stickers

smile with susan sherbert

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