First the Price of Gas – Guess who has hidden fees now?

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No More Hidden Fees!

 I’m back! I hope you are still a fan of my newsletter of absolutely no importance. There have been a lot of big changes at A&S, and I’m excited to be back, but we’ll talk business in a second. First I need to rant.

If you are a long time fan of Simply Amusing, you may remember an issue about the price of gas. I didn’t talk about the actual price of gas, I complained about the hidden fees; The price that is boldly posted for the world to see, yet a price that no one EVER seems to notice. Gas is not $3.15 a gallon. It’s $3.15 and 9/10 of a cent. To any person who ever took a math class, that means the price you will be paying is $3.16 cents. We are taught in school to round up, so it totally baffles me as to why we completely ignore the blatant hidden fee that the gas companies hide in plain sight. Yet we all do it.

Follow the leader

Guess who is following the lead of the gas company now? I should probably be writing this from behind a shadow box to hide my identity, but the store with the new hidden fees is the 99 cent store. It is no longer the 99 cent store. It’s the 99 and 9/10 of a cent store. They round up, and I have the receipt to prove it. So shop there if you must, but just don’t be fooled – it is now the dollar store.

Not another one

I was just recovering from the hidden 9/10 of a cent, when my friend came in with a dozen eggs. She was excited because with the egg recall, there was concern. She explained that the store had a big sign saying the eggs were safe, etc., and they were even at a really good price. That surprised me because I would have expected eggs to be going up in price, not down. But they were nice eggs, so what the heck. I started to put them in the refrigerator. 8, 9, 10…. where were the other two eggs? The carton had been full. None of the eggs were broken. So I counted again. Ten! Humm. Since when does a dozen consist of ten? I went to the recycle bin, pulled out the container, and counted again. It looked just like a carton for a dozen, but there was only space for 10 eggs. I felt like that little girl from that commercial, who is promised a real pony but handed a plastic toy. It’s just not right.

With all of this hidden fee stuff, now is a perfect time to tell you about the new products at A&S Printing, Copying and Custom Apparel. Yes, custom printed apparel. We now print on both paper and FABRIC! T-shirts, bags, aprons, golf towels, etc. And the best part is, there are no minimums, and no set up fees. If you want three shirts, you buy three shirts. Give us a call because it’s fun new technology and I promise, no hidden fees… except taxes and maybe shipping.

Hidden Fees Jokes

How come perfume companies don’t add hidden fees?
It just doesn’t make SCENTS (cents)
What would happen if the utility company eliminated all of their hidden fees?  
 You would end up with a LITE bill
Why don’t leather manufacturers add hidden fees?
Too hard to HIDE



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