Procrastination and paying taxes at midnight on April 15th

Did you smile today

Time to pay our taxes already? Are you organized and prepared for April 15? People really mean to get a better handle on their finances, and they don’t want to procrastinate, but time gets away from us.

I like to say, “Life gets in the way of Life.” We move from one hectic month to another, and in the blink of an eye we have gone from January to April. Oh well, there is not much we can do about it now, but things are sure to be different next year. Next April 15th I’ll be ready…. Yeah right, and I’m going to be able to wear a

bikini this summer too.

Procrastination just seems to be a part of the human way of life. Just try to find a parking place at the mall before Christmas or look at the lines at the post office on April 15th! Why do people subject themselves to such unnecessary hassle?

Paying those taxes

Okay, I admit ,I’m one of those people who make the nice postal workers work until midnight on tax day. But that has nothing to do with being a procrastinator. It’s just that when you have to write a big check to the IRS, you don’t want to depart with your cash any sooner than you have to. Oh wait, that was a few years ago when the economy was good. Last year I got a refund. So why then, was I rushing to the post office on April 15 again?

Let’s see, it wasn’t State or Federal income tax. My sales tax isn’t due until later in the month. My property taxes are taken care of, and my accountant filed the unsecured business property tax. My city business license was paid, and my corporate filing fee is handled. Oh that’s right, payroll tax is due on the 15th.

Now I have been called a procrastinator in the past, but I’m not really sure that is fair. How many times have I missed a Simply Amusing deadline? Every month for over eleven years I have managed to come up with some kind of nonsense to write about. Could a real procrastinator do that? In fact, I even start thinking about what I am going to write weeks in advance. The fact that I don’t actually put the words on a computer screen until the last minute is irrelevant. Besides you can hardly call it the last minute when I’ve already been to the post office, and still have a whole forty-two minutes left to get this Simply Amusing humor column, about taxes and procrastination, posted on April 15th.

Hope Uncle Sam was kind to you this year.

P.S. Why didn’t anyone tell me they extended the tax deadline to the 18th? Now I’m a whole three day early.

Original Corny Jokes

Written by Susan Sherbert

Why do procrastinators wait until April 15thto file their returns?  

They find finances TAXING


What was the auto repairman’s excuse for filing his taxes at the last minute? 



How come railroad engineers are never late with their taxes?  

Because they are good at keeping TRACK of their time


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