Save the environment, put a few coins in your pocket, and lose a few pound

Save the environment. Save money. Lose weight. Fight with a corporate franchise.  And it all started with a drink refill.

drink refill

I need to apologize in advance because I just have to rant. You know how it is – sometimes the stupidest little thing sets you off, and you feel like you’ll explode if you don’t scream in frustration. How is it

possible that people, or in this case a corporation, can be so stupid! Why can’t they see the problem? The answer is so simple but no one will listen to me. And the longer it goes on the more crazy I get. Soon the insanity of it all goes into emotional over drive. The entire world is crazy, people are stupid, and I can solve all of their problems if someone would only listen!

You may not know me that well, but basically I’m not an emotional person. I try to step back, think logically, and see if I’m part of the problem. Okay, so the entire world is not stupid. It was just one person who didn’t understand, and they probably had a bad day so get over it!

Usually that does the trick and soon the world returns back to its normal level of insanity. Yet for whatever reason – this time I just can’t let it go.

It all started because I stopped drinking soda. Remember my Simply Amusing New Year’s resolution weight loss humor blog? I said that January was a stupid time to lose weight and when you are ready the diet will start itself. Well, one day it happened, so gone was the soda. But soon I realized that it wasn’t the soda that was the addiction. It was the getting out of the office to go get a soda that I missed. If I didn’t go to refill my really big plastic cup at the convenience store what was I to do? I could take up smoking, but luckily I found a popular sandwich franchise that has consistently good, unsweetened, ice tea. Problem solved, or so I thought.

I have been getting drink refills for years and I can’t imagine how many cups I have kept out of the landfills, plus I save a few coins in my pocket. Refills save the environemt and save money, a win win for everyone. So the next day I left the office to go get my unsweetened iced tea. However, this was a sandwich franchise so I had saved my cup from the day before. I didn’t want to walk into their store with a big convenience store logo on my cup. I though I was being considerate, but they looked at me like I was crazy! No I don’t want a sandwich, just a drink refill… A blank stare. A look down at the cash register. Another blank stare. No problem, I’ll help them along. I held up a dollar and said that is what the other guys charged. He shrugged his shoulders so I took that as an okay and went to refill my cup.

Soon they got to know me, my dollar, and my refill cup. All was well with the world until I strayed out of my comfort zone and went into a different store. Those silly little twits refused my money! Even at full price they would not allow me to refill my cup. I had to use a new one. Now that violates just about every earth friendly code in existence and their attitude pissed me off.

To make this already long story, short, let me say that I have written the corporate office several times and they just don’t get it. I have taken my refill cup to almost every store in the area (and there are plenty) and I’ve been charge a dollar, .99 cents, the price of a kids drink, given refills for free, and yes, refused refills at several locations.

It is obvious to me that the franchise employees are a bit confused about refills, and all I’m trying to do is help. I think the corporation office should know that they have a minor problem. One that could be easily solved with a simple email explaining their policy on refills. But yeah, then someone would have to actually sit down and write a policy for refills and that could take months. Arrr. It just makes me want to scream! Or at least rant!

Wow I feel better now. Thanks for listening, and if you want to help the environment, save a few coins, and frustrate a few employees, take a cup in for a refill and see what happens. But stay away from the soda, or you’ll be making that New Year’s diet resolution again next year.


I need your help! One corporations just doesn’t get it and I can’t fight the fight on my own.  The next time you order a sandwich, save your cup and bring it back for a refill on your next visit. Imagine how many cups we could keep out of the landfills, plus you may end up with a good laugh because you will probably confuse the heck out of the guy at the counter. Try it for yourself and report back to me. I’m interested to see what happens. 


Susan Sherbert

Original Corny Jokes

Written by Susan Sherbert

Why won’t this corporation listen to my suggestion for a drink refill policy?

Maybe they find the suggestion hard to swallow?


Why did the boy shake the soda reallly hard before he opened the can?

He wanted a Fountain Coke


Why did the boy go to the convience store to buy his sister a birthday present?

Because he heard her ask for a bigger cup



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