business, learning and back to school

This is a reprint of Susan Sherbert’s business humor column from Caypen Magazine

Article by Susan SherbertBusiness, Learning and Back to School

If this was your basic magazine instead of Caypen, a magazine about business, I would be writing about back to school. Why not – it’s September. Summer vacation is over so it’s time to settle down and get back to work. Wait a minute! Did I miss something! Vacation! What vacation? I’m a business owner. I don’t get summer vacations, spring breaks, or even much time off over the holidays. I’m lucky if I can take one extra Monday to honor a dead president.

Please don’t get me wrong, school is a very important part of growing up and we couldn’t function as a society without knowing how to read, write, and use a calculator. I’m happy that I no longer have to face tests, homework, and boring lectures. However, just because I’m no longer in school doesn’t, mean I should stop learning.

This is especially important to the entrepreneur, because the more successful we become, the more we need to know. For example, everyone is required to pay taxes but the subject is meaningless until you get into the workforce. Even after you recover from the size of that tiny first paycheck, all you do is complain about how much money is being taken out. The problem only gets worse as you grow your business. So learning about taxes is a class you really must take. And on this subject, a really good teacher makes all the difference.

And then there is PE. Physical Education. It doesn’t matter if you were a jock or a geek, because the lessons they tried to teach in that class won’t show up on your body for years to come. And trust me, it will happen. One day you will notice that you are getting older, and you will wish that you had listened to your gym teacher. Isn’t that why we take yoga classes and health seminars – to educate ourselves? As full grown working adults, there is so much to learn about our own physical fitness, that sometimes it feels like we have enrolled in medical school.

And then there is a little thing called technology. I was at a seminar recently, continuing my education, and I learned an amazing fact. They were talking about technology and how quickly computers are changing our lives. They said that what you learn in your first year of college will most likely be outdated information by the time you graduate four years later. Wow. If that is not a reason for entrepreneurs to keep on learning then I don’t know what is. Maybe that is the secret to being a successful entrepreneur. No matter how prepared you think you are, life never goes according to plan. You must continue to learn and grow from both your successes and your failures and let life become the teacher grading your assignments. Some days you get an F, other an A+. The lessons you learn from life’s report card are up to you.


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How come fish don’t teach computers in their schools?
Because they don’t want to get caught up in the net

Why do nuns make such good teachers??
Because they have good study habits


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