Sex shouldn’t Matter

This is a reprint of Susan Sherbert’s business humor column from Caypen Magazine

Sex Shouldn't matter in businessDoes sex matter in business?

The theme for this issue is women in business and that puts me in a pretty awkward position. I am a woman in business so this article should be a breeze. The problem is, this is a humor column. If I make fun of either of the sexes I could offend someone, and these days, it seems no one can take a joke. Well that is really nothing new because I heard a story about a male sports announcer quite a few years ago. He made a simple comment about a female golf star and he messed up his entire career in that one instant.

I wasn’t gong to tell you what the comment was, but there is no getting around it – women and men are different. So why can’t we stop focusing on sex and start focusing on what business is all about – making money. As for the comment that poor sports announcer made; he simply stated that because she was a bit heavy on top, the female golfer may have to adjust her golf swing.

Men are men. Women are women. And there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Yet I still need to write something funny that is non-offensive. Therefore I have decided to compare the traits of a logical person verses an emotional person, and if you make a general assumption about the sex of the people I’m comparing, that is up to you.

When business does not go according to plan, a certain type of people react logically and can get defensive, while others often react emotionally and make excuses. With that in mind here are a few examples written in an amusing he said/she said style.

Logic based person: ‘‘Take your time. Be careful and don’t waste any of that material.”

Emotion based person: “I know what I am doing, besides losing a few pieces will not bankrupt the company.”

The whole picture: That particular material had been discontinued and there was just enough to finish the job.


Emotion based person: “Look, I stayed late, and finished the whole job, isn’t that great!’

Logic based person: “You were not authorized to do that. I hope are not getting paid overtime.”

The whole picture: At the last minute a costly mistake had been found so the job had been put on hold.


Emotion based person: “I wanted to keep Mr. Jones happy. I told him we weren’t too busy and he could have his order tomorrow.”

Logic based person: “Maybe you are not busy, but there is a lot of work to be done!”

The whole picture: The boss lied to the client about the job being late so he could go play golf.

Logic based people do view the world differently than emotion based people. And men are different from women. But all of that is irrelevant because when it comes to business, the only difference that really counts is the one between a boss and an employee.


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