Find success by becoming the king of your mountain

This is a reprint of Susan Sherbert’s business humor column from Caypen Magazine
Humor business lessons by Susan SherbertKing of your business mountain

Business is a very complicated subject, but I can pretty much sum it up in thirty seconds. When you are an entrepreneur, your life can go from uncertainty, to elation, to dread in a matter of moments. It reminds me of a television commercial, but I don’t remember what the advertisement was for, so as a writer, I’ll explain it.

It starts with a group of exited young entrepreneurs about to hit the launch button on a new online business. Will anyone buy their products? Has all their hard work been worth it? Click. Open for business and their first order comes in. Yeah! Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. More orders are coming in. Wow success! This is great. They will all be rich beyond their dreams! One more look and orders are coming in so fast you‘d think they were selling Lady Gaga tickets. The expressions of joy, become visions of terror as they realize…. Whoa! We have a problem. How in the heck are we going to fill that many orders?

If you are open for business in this economy, then you have had to overcome some pretty nasty obstacles along the way. You have climbed mountains you thought would never end, and have battled dragons you never saw coming. I think I have said this before; business is the best and the worst. You can make lots of money, but then you have to spend all of your time trying not to give it all back to Uncle Sam. You spend endless resources recruiting exactly the right employee, and then lose them to the competition because they are allowed to bring dogs to work. Dog? You didn’t even know he had a dog.

Maybe you didn’t read the fine print when you signed up to become a business owner, but we all know that life is not fair. Get used to it. I know those motivational books say it’s all about the journey and tell you to relax and enjoy the ride. But this is business, and in businesses, it is all about the destination! If you don’t reach the top, your competition will. And you can’t only make it to the top of that mountain; you have to own it! You must be king of your mountain! #1. Best in the business. This may sound like that motivation book again, but this time it is right. I heard that if you are number one in your niche market, you get tons and tons more business than the company in 2nd place. How many sliver medal Olympians you do remember? And we all know what happens if you aren’t on the first page of Google or Bing.

There is so much to do to run a business, but now I have to figure out our niche and then become number one in that market? I’m busy dealing with difficult people, meeting impossible deadlines, and finding money for payroll. How am I ever going to overcome one more obstacle? But, somehow that’s what entrepreneurs do. They know that business and obstacles go hand in hand. So the moral of this humor column is… if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes and start climbing.


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