Make a Resolution to Make a Difference

 I usually make fun of diets this time of year because it totally goes against mother nature to try to lose weight when it’s freezing outside. Weight loss should start in the spring, when the summer fruits and vegetables are grown, not when comfort food is abundant. No wonder so many people fail at weight loss resolutions! It’s not because they have poor will power, just poor timing.

So this year I am going to do something different. And I’m sorry if this is not particularly funny, but I have something to say so I hope you will read it anyway. The following may not make you laugh, but hopefully it will make you think.

A Social Resolution

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution that you are unlikely to keep, why not shift your thinking and make a resolution to do something that is good for society as a whole. In memory of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting  I have decided to share a story.

People want change. They want someone to do something! But that something must start with you. The purpose I hope you take away from this story is not about politics or gun control. It’s about power – the power to do something, anything, that will make a difference. You can do something to help.

Years ago a group of us went to see a sneak preview of the movie Cliff Hanger. Months later someone mentioned the movie and I said that I didn’t really care for it. It was too violent. They looked at me oddly, because they didn’t see it as a violent movie – suspenseful yes – but violent?

I found this a bit disturbing because a man was impaled on an icicle. People were shot at under the ice. A man’s face was ground into the ice. All of these images were planted in the brains of my friends when we watched the movie yet I was the only who remembered the film as violent. Again disturbing. The reason why this is important to me is because a friend once explained that the mind takes images from the eye and can turn them into a hundred other things. For example I might never have thought of killing someone with a pencil, but if you show me one way, then my brain can now think of many other bad things to do with a pencil.

Hopefully I’m not sounding too preachy but I just don’t think putting all that violence into people’s minds is a good thing. To me, it is not good for society as a whole. That is when I decided I had to do something and the only thing I could do is NOT contribute to the problem. From that day forward, I refuse to give my money to things that I find violent and bad for society. I don’t try to change others, I just decided to change myself, to not contribute or add to something I believe is bad.

So please join me if you choose and stop supporting the addition of violent images that are being put out into the world. If you enjoy these types of movies and viedo games and see no problem with them that is fine, go and watch them. But if you think your actions, your decisions to do something,  will help in some small way then please take a personal stand.

And it doesn’t just have be about violence. Let’s say you believe pesticides in our food is a problem. Then make a point to add at least one organic product to your cart every week, or promise to buy only organic bananas. Start small but make it personal. Maybe you think plastic bottles are full of harmful chemicals – then start using your own cup as a refill. How about all that trash that ends up in the ocean? If you see a piece of trash in a parking lot or on the street, take the time to pick it up and put it in a trashcan. Maybe you complain about all the jobs being shipped overseas – Well do you look for and go out of the way to buy American made products?

The idea is very simple. Don’t try to change others, and is there really any point in trying to change your body at this time of year? Why not make a resolution to change your thinking instead.

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