What’s the difference between a film and a movie?

Is there a difference between a Movie and a film?

When I sit down to write this humor blog I usually have most of it worked out before I begin. Yet as I started to write this blog the plan totally changed. You see, I was originally going to write some funny stuff about movies, but then I saw something about a film festival. Films aren’t funny. They are serious stuff. They are full of substance, insight, and thought-provoking ideas. They have complicated plots, wonderful characters, incredible scenery, and really amazing costumes. And some films even come with subtitles. Films win awards.

You could never say those things about a movie. Movies are for fun and enjoyment. They are about totally unimportant things, that half the time, don’t even make sense. Beer, farts, food, and sex are the things movies are made of.

Okay for the men you can throw in a few car chases, gun fights, and space aliens; for the ladies let’s include shopping, babies, and totally irrational break ups with a boyfriend. Musicals, talking animals, and happily ever after, are perfect movie material. Those things sell and make tons of money on opening weekend. Movies are so popular that they play on multiple screens. Films, they are very different. They aren’t in it for the money. It’s about the art and the creative process. Films want to make a statement and leave an impression on society. They are full of passion and soul, so if it takes two and a half hours to tell the story, so be it. Films attempt to make people think – maybe that’s why they only need one screen, in an older playhouse, on the other side of town. But thank goodness for film critics otherwise too many good films would go unnoticed.

When a film gets an academy award nomination, at least it has a chance to make some money. Then a week after the award show is over, the film goes straight to video, DVD or blue ray. People rush to buy it, and then put it on the shelf adding to their collection. A year or so later when they happen to stumble upon the film on late night television they think, “Wow! That was a really powerful film“. If it had more sex and violence, it would make a really good movie.


Original Corny Jokes

Written by Susan Sherbert

Why did the Director hire the beautiful kleptomaniac? 

Because he knew she would get it on the first TAKE


How do distribution companies get their films to really ”move”?  

Isn’t that what movie TRAILERS are for!


What did the agent say to his client who refused to do a chick flick?  

Stop being such a CHICKEN


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