About Simply Amusing

Simply Amusing humor by Susan Sherbert

Simply Amusing started as a newless newsletter of absolutely no importance. Now it’s a Humor Blog of absoutely no importance. It all begain in hard copy form in 1999 and has been written every month since. (Okay, I confess, I got mad and stopped writing for a year or so, but still, that means there are over 100 back issues in a filing cabinet somewhere).

Susan started the newsletter when she became owner of A&S Printing & Copy. She figured she needed a way to market the business, and a newsletter was an inexpensive way to go. Remember she owned a print shop so the printing was basically free. The problem was – who wants to read about printing? No one. Why do companies do that? Why do they send out information about their specific industry, full of information about people the reader doesn’t even know. So Susan figured she would try sending out information about funny stuff that may interest her clients.

She put the newsletter out on the counter and people liked it. So next month she wrote another issue and again, a positive response. It took her awhile to figure out the whole marketing thing, so every month, there they sat on the counter.  Eventually she started stuffing them into statements, and years later she sent them out as emails. And now, here they are as a blog, and it only took twelve years.

Other things you should know about Simply Amusing.

  • It won a silver award in a marketing competition
  • Susan is a little nuts because she puts a copy in every envelope that requires a stamp. Again, free marketing. It costs nothing so why not!  Did you say stamp? Yes… she still pays her bills with paper checks, but you wouldn’t want to deprive the guy at the electric company, who opens the mail, a smile now would you.
  • If you like her original corny jokes you are in for a big surprise. Susan is working on a new  website to sell corny joke stuff. I can’t tell you just yet, but watch for fun new happenings. Exciting suff!

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