About Susan Sherbert

Did you smile today

Did you know
that you can’t be sad,
or depressed,
and smile at the same time?

“I know I can’t make people happy, so I don’t even try. But with my intelligent humor, and a down to earth feel,  I can give people moments of joy. That is also why there are original corny jokes. Because if  your lips curve up for even an instant, then I have achieved success! Making people smile is what I do.

Things you should know about Susan Sherbert:

  • Author of “Grown-ups Don’t Skip – a guide to rediscovering the FUN of youth”
  • Was the humor columnist for several magazines
  • A national linen chain purchased her humor book about short sheeting a bed. It was used as a free gift with purchase two years in a row
  • Has written over 50 different corny joke books with topics ranging from babies to menopause, engineering to math, human resoures to auto repair. Books available on Amazon.
  • Is an entrepreneur – Started at the bottom, worked her way up, and purchased the business when the owner retired. She has been a business owner for over fourteen years.
  • Avid golfer and plays in several charity golf tournaments every year.

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