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Learn to short sheet a bed

April Fool’s Day – how to short sheet a bed Continue reading


Make a Resolution to Make a Difference

 I usually make fun of diets this time of year because it totally goes against mother nature to try to lose weight when it’s freezing outside. Weight loss should start in the spring, when the summer fruits and vegetables are grown, not when comfort food is abundant. No wonder so many people fail at weight loss … Continue reading

Be careful – not fearful

This is a reprint of Susan Sherbert’s business humor column from Caypen Magazine Be careful – NOT fearful! As an entrepreneur, you have to be wiling to travel on whatever road will get you to your destination. No one wants to experience pain so most people avoid it whenever possible. When they see pain headed their … Continue reading

business, learning and back to school

This is a reprint of Susan Sherbert’s business humor column from Caypen Magazine Business, Learning and Back to School If this was your basic magazine instead of Caypen, a magazine about business, I would be writing about back to school. Why not – it’s September. Summer vacation is over so it’s time to settle down and get back … Continue reading

Annual Thanksgiving FOOD, Humor & Corny Jokes

    Indulge in our Thanksgiving, food, and humor issue As I sit down to write this Simply Amusing Thanksgiving newsletter, I’m feeling grumpy and irritable. I imagine I’m not the only one feeling that way these days, but considering I’m writing a humor column right now, it is probably not a good idea. Besides … Continue reading

The horrible and adorable insanity of Halloween

  The Horrible – and adorable – insanity of Halloween Halloween is always one of my favorite Simply Amusing newsletters to write, because there is so much good material to work with. I have never understood why it is perfectly acceptable for wholesome, peace loving, families to celebrate the blood, guts, and violence of Halloween. … Continue reading