Original Corny Jokes

Original Corny Jokes


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Original Corny Jokes written by Susan Sherbert

Yes I really did make up each and every one of these bad jokes. They were not taken from the internet or borrowed from some unknow source. Good or bad, I thought them up all by myself. All of this so you will smile.

Movies and films

Why did the Director hire the beautiful kleptomaniac? 

Because he knew she would get it on the first TAKE


How do distribution companies get their films to really “move”?  

Isn’t that what movie TRAILERS are for!


What did the agent say to his client who refused to do a chick flick?  

Stop being such a CHICKEN

Taxes & Procrastination Jokes

Why do procrastinators wait until April 15th to file their returns?  

They find finances TAXING


What was the auto repairman’s excuse for filing his taxes at the last minute? 



How come railroad engineers are never late with their taxes?  

Because they are good at keeping TRACK of their time

April Fool’s Day Jokes

Why are fools good at card games?

Because they know how to play the JOKER


Why did the fool try out for the hockey team?

He thought he would be good a SLAPSTICK

St. Patrick’s Day jokes

What do you call a leprechaun in a bad mood?

Irish “Stew”


How come four leaf clovers are about the only thing a leprechaun can grow?

They don’t have green thumbs


Why do leprechauns like green yogurt?

It must be the “culture”

Winter Weight Loss jokes

What did the lady eat for breakfast when she started her diet in the cold month of January?

Frosted FLAKES


What did the lady eat for Lunch when she started her diet in the cold month of January

A bowl of lean CHILI

What kind of desserts did the lady avoid in the cold month of January

ICE cream and MUD pie…  she had RAINbow sherbet insted

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